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    You gotta hand it to the Japanese. When they think outside of the box, they really, really, really think outside of the box. Take the Kajimoto Laboratory at the University of Electro-Communications for instance. While most other places like MIT are researching boring, plain old robotics, these guys are doing the stuff that really matters. Like being able to kiss someone from across the internet. We’ll let the post from do the talking:

    “This device is for communications within the mouth, in other words, the goal is to obtain the feeling of kissing. If you take one device in your mouth and turn it with your tongue, the other device turns in the same way. If you turn it back the other way, then your partner’s turns back the same way, so your partner’s device turns whichever way your own device turns. It is achieved only by motor rotations, and you control the rotation positions via PC. It is called a bilateral control, and the turn angle information is sent reciprocally by both devices to maintain the same position. Right now the values are handled by one PC, but if a system is put together to handle the values over a network, then it would be easy for this operation to be conducted remotely.”

    Curious to see how the whole thing works? Well, we’ve embedded a video to convey what words fail to express:

    Hopefully this device will be the stepping stone to making a gadget that allows you to punch stupid internet commenters in the face.

    Source: DigInfo.TV

    Via: Engadget

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