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Here’s an iPad-compatible pen for you from BIC

The inventor of the disposable ballpoint pen is set to release a new biro for the iPad generation, which just shows that you don’t need to be the top tech executive in a Silicon Valley office in order to innovate.

Based on BIC’s iconic Cristal ballpoint pen, it features a special capacitive tip that means it’s just as adept at writing as a stylus on a tablet or smartphone screen as it is at scribbling down notes with ink on a piece of paper.

Turning the primitive ballpoint into a touch-screen optimised product makes sense, considering the way that so many people tend to subconsciously use them as extensions of their hands, whether for dialing numbers on a phone, using a calculator, or repeatedly tapping a computer screen to highlight something.

What’s best is that, when the inevitable day comes when the stylus breaks, falls under a seat on a plane or train, or is simply nowhere to be found, you know there’s always a spare close at hand.

Now we all love us some BIC biros, don’t we?

Article and image courtesy of CTV News and BIC.