iPad aficionados and Apple devotees: Cut up your SIM cards no longer!

    ArchivesiPad aficionados and Apple devotees: Cut up your SIM cards no longer!

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    Smart Bro began offering its new 3G MicroSIM last Sunday, July 25, at the NCR, Cebu, Davao and Baguio Wireless Centers and through accredited agents within those areas.

    We’ve actually secured our own Smart Bro microSIM here at Gadgets Magazine, and couldn’t be happier with the results. Setup couldn’t have been easier. We just popped the microSIM into our iPad and it started working, as simple as plug and play. No settings necessary: You don’t need to input any APN settings, reset network settings, or tinker with Cellular Data/MMS. As soon as the Smart Bro microSIM is in your iPad, you’re good to go!

    SMART promises up to 2 Mbps Internet speeds with its MicroSIM, and they certainly delivered. At one point, we actually hit 2238.05 Kbps. Check out the following screenshot of our Speedtest.

    Smart Microsim

    The plan is exclusive to Plan 999 Unlimited, and will require a lock-in period of only six months. That’s shorter than your regular 24-month lock-in period, which in our opinion, makes the deal all the more enticing since this is much more low risk for the casual consumer. Initial cash-out is also just Php 999, which is paid upon submitting your application.

    We’ll be continuing to use the Smart Bro MicroSIM with our iPad 3G that lets us have our iPad fun anytime, anywhere!

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