Looking for a new device plus a solid mobile data plan? Go with Smart.

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    Smart understands that the world we live in requires a constant data connection. Home and work are hardly a problem, but when working outdoors can be a bit of a problem. Smart saw this need from the start, and offered mobile data plans for people who are constantly on the move. Smart mobile boradband is still one of the most reliable here in the country, and to sweeten the deal, they’ve thrown in a bunch of great devices, and Anti Bill Shock to boot.

    The network lets you use their ultra-fast 7.2Mbps connection from PHP499, to PHP1299 a month, plug a gadget choices so you can boost your productivity anywhere you find yourself.

    Each of the plans gets you anything from a tablet and pocket Wi-Fi router, all the way to a full Windows 8 laptop with touch screen functionality, a printer, tablet and pocket Wi-Fi device. Gadgets from Acer, Samsung, Alcatel, HP and Media Pad are all available on the different plans, along with up to 50 hours of free mobile browsing with bill shock protection to keep you from selling off important body parts.

    If we were in college (hey, it wasn’t to long ago) this would actually be a great idea. The main draw of the plan is that the cost of the device is split throughout the 24-month lock-in period. There’s no credit card to charge, no extra bill to pay, and no special requirements. There are one-time fees for some of the bundles, but they’re all very reasonable.

    For more info on the packages, devices and bundles, head over to the website HERE.

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