Miss the days when gaming was good? Play Dune II right on your browser!

    Gaming now is a really complicated affair. You’re going to need a dual SLI setup, monster amounts of RAM, a 16-core processor and cooling enough for a walk-in freezer. Gaming was once much simpler, and now you can relive those days right from your browser. A mad Russian Computer scientist Aleksander Guryanov put together a browser-based version of Dune II through HTML 5/Javascript that will probably work on whatever browser you have installed. For those who were’nt around/around long before, Dune II is an RTS that is set in Frank Herbert’s Dune universe. It borrows a lot of the elements from Command and Conquer, so if you’re  a hardcore RTS gamer, you should give this title a shot. It is optimized for desktop browsers, but reports have said that it seems to tun okay on Android’s Chrome. Head over to this LINK and give it a shot.

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