New TUF Sabertooth X79 ditches complete thermal armor, adds additional fans instead

    ASUS’ TUF (The Ultimate Force) line of boards has always put emphasis on making extremely tough motherboards. Built using military grade components and backed by 5 year warranties, the TUF line has made a name for itself for being almost indestructible with normal use. The new Sabertooth X79 motherboard for Intel’s X79 chipset continues that noble tradition, and combines the some of the features found on their P9X79 series with the extreme durability for the Sabertooth X79.

    Probably the biggest change people familiar with the Sabertooth series is the absence of the full thermal armor present in the Sabertooth P67. There’s still thermal armor present, but ASUS has decided reduce the coverage area to just two critical locations – one near the I/O ports, and one near the SATA connections. In addition to the thermal armor, both locations also have their own fans blowing hot air out, which helps in keeping the board cool.

    Users will also be able to monitor the overall temperature of the board, as well as locate hotspots via the 12 embedded thermal sensors on-board. Users will also be able to configure and tweak the fans to help mitigate heat, which is important for people who’ll want to use the board in overclocking projects down the line. And like we mentioned before, the Sabertooth X79 will also utilize some of the features found in the P9X79 series like the easy to use SSD caching.

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