Phonebloks might be the phone you will keep forever

    Phoneblock A new phone model gets introduced every year. I’m sure you’ve found yourself looking at your current phone which works perfectly fine, but still consider changing it for a new model. Perhaps one with a faster processor, or a better camera, or a gold color. Devices nowadays are disposable. A new phone concept called Phoneblocks is trying to change that. Phoneblocks is a phone with removable parts similar to a lego. Whenever you want to upgrade a certain part, like the camera, or speaker, all you have to do is upgrade these parts or blocks instead of changing your whole device. Here’s a video to better explain the concept:

    It’s too good to be true, but there’s no saying Phonebloks will never happen. If you want to see the concept come to life, you can support them by going to, or their their Thunderclap page. Image source:

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