Quick Look: Coexx Line 1 USB Type-C 2nd Gen Timer Cable

    The second generation of the Japanese brand cable, Coexx, has made even better with the newest USB Type-C Timer Cable especially made for Android and Macbook! Supporting the latest quick charge technology, the Coexx Line 1 USB Type-C 2nd Gen Timer Cable can power up your devices faster than ever before and even use to transfer data seamlessly. Featuring an automatic stop and charging time setting, monitoring your phone’s battery level is now easy. You can even plug it directly to a socket or just to your own power bank or laptop. Made with sturdy materials that can surely last longer, you can ensure its efficiency and make the most out of your mobile device.


    Full Specifications:

    -Sets the time required through a smart button and automatically stops charging

    – With digital display time

    – Has auto memory last time set

    -Supports both iOS and Android devices

    -Has a 2.4 A of power output


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