Quick Look: Mi QiCycle

    Xiaomi is breaking the barriers and branching out as an active lifestyle brand with its very first electric bike, the Mi QiCycle. This foldable aluminum bike can be pedaled manually or made to run on its own power up to 20 kilometers per hour. Smart and stylish, the two-wheeler is powered by a 250W high-speed motor, has a built-in torque management sensor, and 3-speed gear hub to keep riders safe. Dubbed as one of the most intelligent locomotive rides to date, it comes with a companion app that gives you real-time information about your current speed, distance covered, dynamic power, and calories burned. Designed for urban use, its 18,650 mAh Panasonic lithium battery will never fail you on the road. With a rated range of 45 km per charge, this might be the answer to your traffic woes.

    PHP 26,995

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