Sablaya Ends the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup With Flying Colors

    The season finale of the 2018 Petron National Motorcycle Championship, and the 6th round of the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup (HPDC) has recently concluded. 

    The qualifying round started early for the riders as they took off from the pit gate at 8:55 a.m., with Sean Barcial making the best time at 2 minutes and 25 seconds, while rider #1 Kervie Bergania landed at  second place. Jakob Sablaya, who lead the pack in the overall points, had recorded a time of 2 minutes and 28 seconds which took him to third place, putting him close to Andrei Reyes and  Wyner Blente, who landed on fourth and fifth spots respectively. 

    Seven riders sped off for a 5-lap battle at the first leg of the finals. Barcial took the opportunity to lead, but Sablaya did not make it easy for Barcial, making his way in the first corner. From the second up to the final lap, Sablaya, Barcial, Bergania, Reyes and Blente, sliced and diced across the 4.2 km track, while Cruz and Ondillo were left behind with a total of 24.524 sec. gap.

    Sablaya took the hearts of the crowd as he rode his CBR150R in the straights and corners like they were as one, taking the lead of the pack from Barcial and Bergania for the 2nd and 4th lap. However, Barcial managed to take the lead from Sablaya  at the west course. Barcial charged on the chicane; while Sablaya was still trying to take the lead on the last stretch. At the last corner, Barcial managed to stay on the lead taking Race 1 for 1st place with a total time of 12:10.286 with a fastest time of 2:25.708. On the other hand, Sablaya got second place with a total time of 12 minutes and 10 seconds and finally, Bergania took the third spot with a total time of 12 and 10.8 seconds. 

    With everyone’s strong excitement for the final leg of the season, the 5 lap race started. The first row of riders was composed of Barcial, Sablaya and Bergania who competed to reach the first corner to get the lead and break away from the pack. As Barcial had the first corner, nobody gave in easily. Sablaya and Bergania were able to catch up quickly and steal the lead position while Bergania followed through, taking Barcial back to the third spot. On the third lap, Barcial has once again able to slice through the fourth corner at the Acacia from Sablaya, but Bergania remained strong and was able to slip stream through Barcial. On the final lap, Sablaya was determined to take this race and finish strong, thus on the last straight, Sablaya has secured the lead, taking the last corner with the checkered flag raised, followed by Bergania for the second place nd Barcial in third place. 

    “Masaya ako sa naging resulta ng Round 6 dahil nung race 1, magkakadikit kami nila Kervie Sean, Wyner and Andrei. Hindi ko nakuha ang Lead position sa Race 1, pero hindi ko pinakawalan ang race 2. Kahit nasa P3 ako, kinuha ko yung mga opportunity na nakita ko kung saan ako makaka lusot. Masaya ako sa resulta at performance ko sa buong season kasi nakuha ko ang championship ng 2018 Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup,” Jakob Sablaya happily shared after the race. 

    Honda Philippines, Inc. is proud to see the improvements of all participants at the track by an average of 5.0 seconds, as well as their skills of handling the CBR150R, compared from the previous time they have joined the program.  In conclusion, the 2018 Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup Champion is Alfred Jakob Sablaya with a total of 280 pts., Sean Barcial with 238 pts. and Andrei Samuel Reyes with 194 pts.

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