Sharp Launches the Aquos 8K LED TV, Smart Appliances

    In a move that’s guaranteed to throw A/V enthusiasts into a spiralling existential crisis, Sharp has just announced the impending availablity of their latest 8K LED TV. With 16 times the resoltion of 1080 Full HD displays, this TV promises uncompromising video quality for the home consumer.

    “As the first step, Sharp released the world’s first 8K display to the B2C market last October, which is currently distributed to Chine, Taiwan, and the European market. Today, I am excited to annouce the launch of Sharp’s Aquos 8K LED TV tuned for Asia in the end of year 2018 here in the Philippines,” said Toshio Kawata, Deputy General Manager, TV System Business unit of Sharp Corporation.

    Along with entertainment purposes, 8K displays have additional uses such as industrial inspection, remote medical purposes, and security use, all of which can benefit from the increased resolution and image fidelity that 8K brings to the table.

    The move is in line with Sharp’s plan to hit the market hard with new, revolutionary technologies. It also represents their drive to offer locally made devices to the Filipino consumer, generating more local employment, and push the economy forward.




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