SKYCABLE makes time stop, for your TV shows that is

    SKYCABLE has managed to pull off something that a lot of couch potato connoisseurs have been clamoring for: a personal video recorder that would make TiVo proud. Unveiled earlier today at the Palm Grove at The Rockwell Club, the DigiBox iRecord is a set top box that can pause and record live TV, as well as record up to two TV programs on different channels while watching a third one. It also allows subscribers to record programs in advance, like a documentary you know you’re going to miss because of a dinner date, or a season finale of a particular show you want to watch at your leisure.

    The Digibox iRecord is powered by a 320GB HDD that can store up to 145 hours of Standard Definition (SD) video or 86 hours of High Definition (HD) video. The video is compressed in MPEG-2 format for SD and MPEG-4 for HD video and is protected by a proprietary encryption key for IP protection purposes. The DigiBox iRecord will set you back Php 399 on top of your existing bill, along with a Php 4,999 refundable deposit for the device.



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