Smart Araneta Coliseum Hosts Philippine Circuit 2018

    The year of the dog started early at the Araneta Center when the Smart Araneta Coliseum hosted the Philippine Circuit 2018, dubbed as Asia’s biggest dog show, last January 18 to 21.

    More than 600 dogs from 23 countries all over the world participated in the four-day event, making it the best attended showcase yet in the circuit’s seven-year run.

    “The show just gets better and better. The number of the dogs may not be in the thousands, but the quality of the winners is up to par with the best in the world. These are some of the world’s top dogs,” Augusto Benedicto Santos III, President of the Philippine Canine Club, Inc. (PCCI), said.

    Some of the most awarded dogs were the Pekingese named Diaquiris on the Edge of Fame from Mexico, the Welsh Corgi named GGC Numina Kicking the Show of Jia Jian Kennel from China and the Doberman named Double D Nicols Scrappi Koko from Brazil.

    Other winning dogs include the Pomeranian named Pomsadmirer’s Premium Limited Edition from Thailand, the Samoyed named Mo Wang Jia Zu Nai Xi from China, the Siberian Husky named Topaz Silver Lining from the USA, the dachshund named Raydachs Ride My Ducati SW from the USA, the Tibetan terrier Falamandus Remastered Edition from the Netherlands, the bichon frise named Tauro Sakko from Lithuania, the French Bulldog named Kesasonas Little Woody at the Kingfriend from the United Kingdom and the Jack Russel Terrier named Jack Galaxy Mr. Hollywood of Belarus.

    In the local front, the Labrador retriever named Sunshadow Black Tie Affair AKA Chicco was one of the most awarded Philippine-bred dogs.

    “The competition was very tough, but the quality of the winners is very good,” Santos said.

    ‘Fun’ show

    The Araneta Coliseum transformed into a playground for the dogs—a sure treat for the public who got to see some of the world’s best and most unique dogs for free!

    Aside from the popular dog breeds such as beagles, corgis, Siberian huskies and Boston terriers, Great Danes, bichon frises, Samoyeds, monkey terriers, poodles, a Dalmatian, and Tibetan terriers also competed.

    “We are proud of the show in the Philippines; it has become one of the most prestigious in the world. The show is a lot of fun. It’s not just competition,” Santos said.

    According to Santos, some of the foreign participants and judges even extended their stay in the country to see more of what the Philippines has to offer.

    The PCCI is optimistic that the Philippine Circuit will only get bigger in the years to come with the successful staging of the 2018 edition.

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