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Steam now lets you purchase games in Philippine Peso

In a move that will likely have you running to your wallet, Steam now gives you your favorite game titles in Philippine Peso values. While games have been available for purchase from the online store for Philippine residents, we’ve always had to deal with the amounts in USD. The change, which happened just last week, puts all game values in our local currency, with all the conveniences showing prices in our native currency brings, plus a little extra. In the week since the launch, users have reported lower prices than the USD equivalents available just a week prior. IF you haven’t yet, give your Steam account a look. Just try to stay away from the sales.

Users with value left in their Steam Wallets had their currency converted to the appropriate amount at the time of the change. While we’re sure it’s convenient in its way, we now live in fear of draining our bank accounts when the Christmas season Steam sale hits.