Suzuki Philippines launches the Nex115 scooter

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    Just today, Suzuki Philippines officially launched the Nex115 scooter. The afternoon event held in Manila was hosted by brand endorser Ramon Bautista, as the new addition to the Suzuki family was unveiled during a performance of 6CycleMind, one of the country’s well-known bands. Executives of Suzuki Philippines were also highly involved as they gladly discussed the benefits of the newly released ride.

    The Nex115 boasts a whole wide range of features that make it more economical, convenient, sporty and affordable compared to other scooters out in the market today. Among some of these qualities are its fuel efficient CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission), its newly designed cylinder fins and fans for increased engine cooling efficiency, its light hollow core mag wheels that give better riding performance and also contribute to fuel efficiency, and its light and compact front disc brake for reliable stopping power.

    Furthermore, it packs a pipe frame that gives a more stable and comfortable ride, a small lightweight muffler that has reduced noise and emission, a lighter power supply for increased fuel efficiency, a roller type rocker arm that reduces frictional losses, and a throttle position sensor that also helps fuel efficiency and prevents the carburetor from an oversupply of gasoline.

    It’s also got a comfortable foot board, a 4.5L compartment under the seat for stashing your things, a clear and stylish speedometer that’s visible in any riding condition, and a sleek and sporty looking headlight.

    The new scooter from Suzuki targets a whole wide range of people, including students, who want a convenient and affordable way to get around for their day-to-day activities. It has a price of Php 60,900 and can be had in green, pink, or white. You can visit for more information.


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