Tech and the arts make beautiful music together at the Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB

    (From Left) Anna Abola, Marketing Communications Manager, Lenovo Philippines, Christopher Syling, Business Development Manager, Intel Philippines, Nina Saputil, Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB Local Mentor, Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines, Enzo Valdez, Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB Local Mentor

    Lenovo and MTV have recently announced the launch of the Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB, a social platform wherein progressive, creative and talented Pinoys can share stories of their communities through music. The project gives talented individuals 18 and above a place to share the sights and sounds of their cities through a creaive music video with the theme “pulse of the World,” and aims to foster an air of collaboration and sharing across different industries such as filmmaking, instrumentalists and DJs through the common threads of talent and technology.

    Participants will be competing across categories and countries, as the Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB has also been launched simultaneously in Japan, Singapore, India, Malaysia and Thailand. DJs, motion graphic artists, film makers, and vocalists/instrumentalists will be judged based on how they effectively utilize their “Do Machines” to convey the story of their city in original, inspirational, and creative sound and video clips. Shortlisted candidates who make it to the top 10 in their respective categories will then proceed to the next round, where the public will be voting for the local winners.

    Local influencers and mentors across the different areas will select the final ensemble which will create the “Pulse of the World” music video, with the winning group taking home the privilege of being mentored by renowned DJs Brendon Perera and Matty Wainright, and recognition as Lenovo’s brand ambassadors. The final music video will also be shown during the 2013 MTV Worldstage concert; MTV’s signature event.

    “Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB aims to inspire Millennials to take action and turn their dreams to reality. Both Lenovo and MTV are innovative companies, with dynamic brand personalities, that are focused on the Millennial generation who don’t just dream about achieving, but go out there and do. We chose to collaborate with MTV because it is the iconic destination for global Millennials and represents the sweet spot for music and entertainment for Millennials,” said Vicky Agorrilla, Country General Manager, Lenovo Philippines.

    A panel of mentors, who are experts in their fields, will be guiding the Millennials throughout the 4 months of the campaign. In the Philippines, Lenovo tapped two unique and talented individuals, DJ Nina Saputil and director Enzo Valdez, to become Lenovo-MTV CO:LAB mentors and provide guidance for the country and regional winning Millennials.

    CO:LAB will be accepting entries for each of the four categories: DJ, vocalist/ instrumentalist, film making, motion graphics until April 21, 2013. The public will have the chance to vote from the top ten entries until May 12, 2013 to select local winners for each category. Mentors and influencers will decide on the regional winners who will be attending the workshop and creating the “Pulse of the World” music video. The winners’ “Pulse of the World” music video and profiles will be aired from July 8, 2013 to August 25, 2013.

    For more info, head over to Lenovo Philippines’ Facebook page HERE.

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