The Last of us Official Fan Movie


    Ok, we had scheduled a video of our TLoU playthrough for late last week/early this week, but we have just been swamped with work closing the August Issue. Sorry about that. We’re going to get that video up, we promise! We had to re-shoot footage because, well, we’re stiff figuring a lot of it up, and we don’t want to have lame footage, since we want to do this as a regular thing.

    For those of you who are looking for your Mushroom Land-gone-horribly-wrong fix, here’s an awesome 13-minute, FAN-MADE film of The Last of Us. We just finished watching it, and it’s all sorts of amazing. Those of you who played the game (or watched the trailer) may recognize some scenes, and will likely be able to talk along with the dialogue (it’s okay. We were doing it too.) It’s huge fun, and well worth the approximately 14 minutes of your life it will take up. (Click the image to watch. We’re having a little problem embedding the video here.)

    For more awesome videos from the guys behind this one, head over to their YouTube link here: IRON HORSE CINEMA

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