The Tactical, Survival, and Arms Expo is here!

    Disasters and catastrophes tend to strike without much warning, and without regard for any time. Those who are most affected are the same ones who take the comforts of everyday living for granted. This year’s Tactical, Survival, and Arms Expo aims to keep you from being a statistic. With gear, information, and skills all designed to make sure you can start to get ready for practically any eventuality, this is one of the most important events for anyone serious about being able to take care of themselves and the people they love, should that need arise.

    The expo will feature traditional weapons, survival gear, and prepper hardware, along with firearms and accessories. Expect product launches, and a few new items that could help your own kits be better, and more effective, or help yuou put together a kit of your own, if you don’t have one already.


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