Tips to avoid expensive data roaming charges


    One of the dreaded aftermaths of traveling abroad, aside from jetlag and mishaps, are the expensive data roaming charges. With a just a click, your phone bill might rise to an all time high, may it be intentional or otherwise.

    Sun Cellular gives the lowdown on how to ‘shockproof’ your bill while you’re on a foreign-land escapade. Here’s a rundown of what you need to know to avoid expensive and unnecessary data roaming charges:

    Get familiar with the charging schemes and browsing rates of your service provider. Actual rates depend on the country and the selected roaming network partner. Sun Cellular has laid out international roaming destinations for subscribers to know. Under a per-KB charging scheme, with Sun and its international partners, you can maximize quick searches, browse social media feeds, send emails and post text-based content which are not heavy on data consumption.

    With Wi-Fi hotspot areas, your online life overseas gets exciting. You get to upload photos, download music, stream videos, and other high-volume data activities. Smartphones automatically switch to the next available 3G/HSPA network when the network is unstable for continued data access. Knowing the dynamics of switching connections is relevant. This switch from Wi-Fi to data roaming service provider is something worth getting familiar with, as you will be billed for the extra per-KB charges you may naïvely incur. To be free of charges, select manual settings on data roaming on your handset.

    Know the connection settings of your applications. Weather applications, emails, RSS feeds, social networks, and other apps require internet to keep functioning. If you do not intend to receive regular updates from apps, make sure to deactivate their auto-connect settings.

    Know when to turn off mobile data access on your phone. Turning off the data access of your mobile phone when you do not intend to use the internet spares you from incurring unnecessary data roaming charges. Plus it also lessens battery consumption and memory usage.

    For added information on the best-value data roaming rates and promos of Sun Cellular, visit or call 200 for free using a Sun-powered mobile phone.

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