Transform your iPad 2 into a mini MacBook Pro

    The iPad is like a more portable version of a laptop that still allows users to do most of their daily activities such as surf the internet, listen to music, watch movies, play games, capture pictures, take notes, prepare presentations, and make use of the nearly countless number of apps out in the market. Since many people would admit that they don’t really need to do much more than that, they opt to buy an iPad and realize that it’s a lot harder to type with a touch-screen software-keyboard.

    With that said, the NoteBookCase for iPad 2 virtually transforms the tablet into a mini MacBook Pro by adding a MacBook style keyboard, a full-size USB port, and an integrated battery that also charges your device. This is perfect for those who can’t afford a MacBook Pro but have an iPad 2. The case connects to the iPad 2 via Bluetooth and retails for about USD $75 (approximately Php 3,150).

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