Want to get in on the Android L Release action? This might tide you over.

    Though there aren’t a lot of devices that are currently supported by Google’s recent L Release review, those who want to get at least a one of the features might want to give L Release-functionality with their notifications. Android L notifications live right on the screen itself, rather than just in the status bar where they can only be seen and accessed via a swipe. With the kind of dev community behind Android, you don’t need to have a recent Nexus device to try this feature out.

    Heads Up! Notifications is an application that lets you pick apps that will behave the same manner Android L will be handling them. No longer will you fail to notice the notifications hidden mute at the very top of your device. Forget the days when you had to put a music widget just to maintain control over an application that was running in the background. Heads Up! gives you greater control over alerts, and its whitelist function keeps pesky apps from stealing the limelight too often.

    The app is available at the Google Play Store for USD 1, or about PHP40, and for what it can do, might be a pretty good investment, if you find you miss a lot of what’s happening on your device. Hit this LINK to get your copy now.

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