Widescreen Wonder – the Acer Iconia Smart S300

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    Along with the Acer Iconia Tab, today’s Acer event also gave us an opportunity to get all cozy with the Acer Iconia Smart S300, their latest Android smartphone running on el Googs’ Gingerbread (2.3) OS. The Iconia Smart S300 is a bit special (and I mean that in a good way) as it’s currently the first one I’ve seen sporting an extra tall 4.8-inch screen.

    The overall construction of the Iconia Smart S300 makes it a nice device to hold, as its metal construction gibes it a nice solid feel. It’s powered by a Qualcomm 8255 processor delivering 1GHz of processing power. The device feels fast and snappy, and is able to handle most, if not all, the Android market apps currently available.

    Here’s a couple of profile shots of the Iconia Smart S300.

    Unlike other brands, the Iconia Smart S300 uses physical keys on the front of the device, along with the requisite volume rocker buttons on the side.

    Here’s a comparison shot of the Iconia Smart S300 with the 4-inch Samsung Google Nexus S for comparison.

    Here’s another, from the side.

    Just like the Iconia Tab from today’s event, I wasn’t able to test its internet connectivity because the Crowne Plaza’s internet was on the fritz.

    We’ll get a full, in depth review of the Iconia Smart S300 as soon as we get it. Stay tuned!

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