Will Canon DSLRs have touchscreen and Wi-Fi?

    Die hard Canon  fans may have something to look forward to, as the company has recently filed a patent for a DSLR that is equipped with Wi-Fi and a touchscreen.

    As you can see in the photo above, the arrow points directly to the familiar icons that indicate Wi-Fi connectivity. Similarly, that horizontal row that holds information such as battery life and aperture, is slated to be a non-touchscreen part of the camera. The rest of the display below it however will be capacitive.

    This division in the display’s tactile touch operation has to do with the eye proximity sensor (no. 14), which automatically turns off the LCD once it detects your face honing into the viewfinder. Canon proposes making that area below the eye proximity sensor non-capacitive to minimize/eliminate unwanted touch responses from the photographer’s face while he/she is shooting.

    View the entire patent here.


    Source: Photography Bay

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