Wonderbook for PS3 brings storybooks to life

    Sony takes E3 by storm as it unveils the new Wonderbook for PS3. This new technology from Sony is its attempt at reinventing the traditional storybook and virtually bringing stories to life.

    Wonderbook uses AR technology to allow players to engage in storybooks like never before. The players interact with the stories using the PlayStation Eye—a digital camera device for the PS3.

    For those who aren’t familiar with AR technology, here’s how the Wonderbook works: The book appears blank, but using the PlayStation Eye, the TV will display the graphics that the player is supposed to see. Aside from being a new, exciting upgrade in gaming, the Wonderbook also revolutionizes storytelling and learning for young users.

    To kickstart the Wonderbook, Sony teams up with J.K. Rowling—creator of one of the most noteworthy and most expansive young adult novels, the Harry Potter series—in creating the first Wonderbook title, the Book of Spells. The Book of Spells basically lets players read about spells and cast them using PlayStation Move.

    The Wonderbook will be released in the fall together with the Book of Spells. Here are the promotional videos for both the Wonderbook and the Book of Spells:

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