Wellness: Love Your Nerves

    Numbness, tingling, pins and needles: these are sensations we often sweep under the rug as A: they quickly come and go and B: you are still able to work through the pain caused by these sensations. However trivial, all these might be your body signalling you that something is wrong.

    The aforementioned are telltale signs of nerve damage. There’s no need to be alarmed, though, as it is a known fact that nerves have the capacity to regenerate when damaged. If you get these sensations on repeat, however, you might want to get yourself checked for the possibility of having neuropathy. Learning the difference is vital, so here’s a quick read to help you know what’s what.

    What is Neuropathy?

    Neuropathy is a disorder affecting the nerves which are responsible for bringing messages from our brain to the many parts of our body. Despite this condition being felt by many, it’s something people don’t actually openly talk about, and often ignore.

    Among the symptoms that your nerve health might be leaning towards the higher end of the damage spectrum are numbness, muscle weakness, and a prickling sensation. Though these can be attributed to mundane factors such as sleeping position, fatigue, sudden exertion of force, among others, if it becomes repetitive and occurs even when you’re at rest, what you’re feeling might be Neuropathy.

    According to internist Dr. Roy Cuison, other symptoms of Neuropathy also include increased sensitivity to touch, sharp pains, a burning feeling, reduced or increased sensitivity to pain, changes
    in temperature perception, reduced sense of touch, and a stabbing pain in the foot. If all these don’t go away, it’s about time you seek medical advice. There are also various conditions in which nerve damage appears to be a secondary complication, people who are at risk include: those with chronic diseases like diabetes, exposure to environmental toxins such as smoking, alcoholism, nutritional deficiencies including B vitamin deficiency, and those on certain medications.

    Neuropathy Awareness Campaign

    Merck Inc., a trusted name in the pharmaceutical industry and maker of Neurobion, has just launched a campaign that seeks to stir awareness on neuropathy, to make known its dangers, and to help the fight against nerve damage.

    Understanding how serious and difficult nerve health issues can be, this campaign is especially
    directed towards the workforce who is subjected to the hassles of commuting on a daily basis. This, on top of workload and whatnot, puts pressure on the hands and feet, and on the nerves.
    Merck, in line with its WE100 corporate vision of helping humankind live longer, fuller lives of quality, and good health, came up with the
    Neuropathy Awareness Campaign to educate Filipinos on Neuropathy.

    With this campaign, Merck, through its B-vitamins supplement, Neurobion, hopes to spread awareness on the causes; common symptoms, and ways to prevent neuropathy from happening. Taking daily maintenance for nerve nourishment, such as Neurobion, may help put a halt to nerve damage.

    Neurobion Nerve Therapy Trip

    To jumpstart the campaign, Merck has introduced the Neurobion Nerve Therapy Trip which aims to reward the everyday heroes through an upgraded bus ride. Taking away the hassles of daily commute, this will keep passengers relaxed as they head to and from work.

    Passengers will also learn how to care and keep their nerves healthy through the Neuro Motion video, a collection of simple exercises and easy to follow exercises that will be displayed during the bus ride. Some of the simple steps can even be done within the confines of your office desk or bus seat.
    · Calf raises
    · Toe taps
    · Wrist curls, akin to holding onto hand rails
    · Hand grips, like holding onto a rail
    · Rocking of feet back and forth
    · Seated knee raises
    · Hip flexing
    · Curling shoulders in and out

    To experience the Nerve Therapy Trip for yourself, look for the Neurobion buses plying the Alabang-Navotas route and vice versa for 25 days beginning August 7.

    Words by Mia Carisse Barrientos

    Art by Jael Mendoza

    Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2017

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