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Gun Myths with Jerry Miculek

An extremely skilled shooter, Jerry Miculek never fails to amaze with his superhuman firearms abilities. In this video, Jerry takes on the myth of shooting a hangman’s rope to try and sever it, saving the sap unfortunate enough to be strung up. We’ve seen the same on the show Mythbusters, though seeing the same experiment taken on by world-class shooter Miculek is something to see.

Jerry goes out of his way to use both period-correct rope, as well as ammo and a firearm, with interesting results. (He does this standing, by the way). To make things more interesting, he then takes the challenge on with a modern 50 cal rifle, again standing. It’s a short video, and worth your time, if  you’ve got nothing to do this evening. As usual, we’ve got slow-motion footage, making the whole spectacle a lot more interesting to see, particularly when you see the dummy hanging mid-air once (SPOILER) the rope gets severed.

If you’re about to meed the man with the black hood, and this is a plan you hope to employ to save your hide, however, we suggest you get a good lawyer instead.