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If you’re going to watch just one Glock video today, it should be this one

Glocks are amazing little pieces of machinery. You can feed them whatever white box ammo you find, you can pick up rounds you found in the bottom of your range bag, you can feed it any ammo that you remotely think might fire, and it will probably cycle. I’m also not their biggest fan. I know they will go “bang” more often than many other guns, but there’s something about the, I don’t know, soulless about the piece. I know, I know… It’s a machine, and first and foremost, it should fire when you want it to, but my 1911 hasn’t failed me yet, as long as I am careful with maintenance.

That being said, Jerry Miculek takes his trusty Glock 41 in .45 ACP in what looks to be in stock form and makes a torso-sized steel plate ring at what is stated to be 215 yards. That’s 645 feet. That’s a fifth of a kilometer. A lot of people can’t walk that far without complaining.

Take special care to see the impact happen well before the “ping” of the hit makes it to the mic. It’s so sublime, it brought a tear to my eye.