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Think you’re handy with a shotgun? Watch this clip.


Trick shots are awesome, there’s no doubt about that. Splitting a card with a .22, cutting piece of string with a handgun, or shooting an aspirin in mid-air gets you your fair share of bragging rights, but this trick is something special.

DemolitionRanch just made a video that is one heck of a trick shotgun trick reload. It’s simple enough to describe, but that’ll reduce the fun of watching the video, so just hit the link; it’ll be more fun, we promise.

The pump shotgun is historically one of the most complicated weapons systems to manipulate, let alone reload, but this guy makes is look like a game. Sure it’s not the most practical way to do it, and we’re probably never going to find out how many takes this trick took, but it doesn’t reduce just how awesome it is. Hit play, watch, and more likely than not, hit play again. You’re welcome.