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Photofeature: All Hail Royalty

In a monarchy, being royalty entails having sovereign power over everything within your territory. It’s a title that many pine for, but it can’t be granted to anyone without blue blood. However, in the tech world (and in other industries), it’s a term appropriate for the top of the heap. Royalty in the tech world is sought after and have been recognized as the best in their class. These devices rule the realm.

This month’s sweet but fierce damsel, Katya Ivanchina, struts with some of best tech in the land. Leaf through the pages and see what true royalty looks like.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE August 2016 issue

Art Direction by Theresa Eloriaga
Photography by Carlo Dans Isidoro
HMUA by Patricia Aquino

Gowns by Leo Almodal
Styling by Jonah Mendoza
Model: Katya Ivanchina of Women’s Folio Management