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Photofeature: In Bloom

Nature is cyclical. Everything that has ever been on this universe is made up of the same material, the same molecules. While elements combine and separate into new and different forms, nothing is ever lost: water evaporates and condenses, the moon waxes and wanes, tides flow in and ebb, the world spins on.

The earrings and dress come from “EIRÔN,” a collection which won the Aboitiz Green Fashion Revolution 2016.

Created by BA Fashion Design students from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde, the collection repurposes scrap material like shredded paper and flour sacks to create one–of–a–kind pieces
of clothing.

The idea of nature’s efficiency and the harmony that exists between elements has been an inspiration throughout humanity’s philosophical history. From the East Asian religious and aesthetic sensibilities of balance and the absolute to the Judeo-Christian tradition of intelligent design, mankind has admired the economy of the universe—where there is destruction there is also creation, and to achieve a sense of balance, a sense of harmony and perfection, is reaching the Divine.

Same can be said for the technological progress of humanity; while technology should help mankind achieve more in life, it should also be in tune with nature. Recent advances have led technology to be more efficient, and wastage has become frowned upon.

Man has strived to achieve more with less effort, and for all of the previous two centuries, it has taken a toll on the environment, degrading natural resources and putting the world at risk of catastrophe.

However, in recent decades, many have taken the initiative to try and slow down the changing world and be more conscientious about how and where to use energy, going back to nature for inspiration.

This issue, Gadgets Magazine looks at humanity’s transformation of the world, how it now moves toward the future with a more responsible outlook, and how industry has taken to heart nature’s efficient design.

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE October 2016 issue
Art Direction by Theresa Eloriaga
Photography by Advan Ramirez
Hair and Make-up by Patricia Aquino
Styling by Jonah Mendoza
Outfit from Eiron Collection
Model Isadora Machado of Women’s Folio Model Management