Keep your business quarantine-ready with the Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizer

    LifestyleWellnessKeep your business quarantine-ready with the Aller Plasma Orion Series Sterilizer

    The Aller Plasma Orion Series can take care of the air while you take care of your business. It works in keeping spaces and the air indoors clean by providing continuous disinfection and odor control. 

    More than a year ago, we all enjoyed spending our time outdoors freely. We were eating our favorite food in a restaurant without hurrying to wear a mask, or having staycations in places where we could relax and not worry about having to sanitize all the things we brought with us. 

    Then came the COVID-19 virus in 2020, and the world as we know it has never been the same. Now, we constantly worry about catching the virus and passing it on to other vulnerable people. The pandemic put the whole world on hold, with lockdowns happening in almost every country and businesses suddenly closing because they choose safety over profit. Offices, restaurants, and events places took measures to prioritize safety. 

    In the middle of this battle, the world needs to keep moving. While the healthcare sector is working doubly hard to produce vaccines that will eventually make the world safe again, businesses are starting to re-open to save the economy, offer new jobs, and help people. 

    Ensuring a safe environment for your establishment in the time of COVID

    Health and safety have taken a whole new meaning for businesses in this pandemic. But as people slowly go back outside more, many still worry about possible transmission and outbreaks in workplaces. Can confidence still be instilled in both employees, customers, and clients? Yes, as businesses today are strictly following minimum health protocols, such as proper handwashing and wearing face masks. Heightened cleaning and disinfection are also being implemented. But with new variants developing, keeping surfaces clean is simply not enough. Experts strongly suggest having clean indoor air and proper ventilation to prevent the spread of this virus. 

    Indeed, the focus now should be on air quality. 

    How Aller Orion Series can help

    Aller Plasma sterilizers use innovative cold plasma technology to eliminate viruses (such as the Coronavirus, H1N1, and EV71), mold, bacteria, and odors in indoor spaces. This cutting-edge technology makes use of plasma ions that work to clear the air and minimize the spread of infection by neutralizing bacteria, microbes, and viruses, and breaking down their molecular structure, thus eliminating these before they even land on surfaces or are inhaled.

    The Orion Series is perfect for different indoor space sizes, ranging from 30sqm to 150sqm, and is easy to install in various establishments. These units are an important addition to air-conditioned and poorly-ventilated spaces, especially those where people spend all, if not most, of their time.

    Being air sanitizers, the Orion Series works by disinfecting the air and surfaces within an area, benefiting businesses, especially when doing face-to-face transactions.

    The New Normal

    The COVID-19 pandemic will eventually end. At some point, many people may develop immunity against thanks to vaccines. For now, navigating the post-pandemic world is our new normal. However, the need for cleaner and sanitized air, for everyone, will continue even after the pandemic.  

    The Aller Plasma Orion Series is your business ally in navigating the new normal safely, giving you and your clients priceless peace of mind. 

    For more information on the Aller Plasma Orion Series, visit the website or connect via Facebook on Aller Plasma Sterilizer and Instagram @allerplasma

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