Dermalog fever detection camera offers speed and high accuracy

    Lifestyle Wellness Dermalog fever detection camera offers speed and high accuracy

    With its Fever Detection Camera, Dermalog has developed a solution that provides fast and precise measurement results and reduces significantly the risk of infection spreading in many areas of daily life.

    For viral infections, fever is one of the first and most frequent symptom. And this has been one of the first signs doctors look out for when the pandemic Covid-19 broke out this year. Covid-19 is known to cause an increase in body temperature. According to the German Robert Koch Institute, almost 90% of infected people in China have been diagnosed with fever. This focus on fever screening as a preventive measure to contain the current pandemic is one of the hallmarks of WHO’s basic steps.

    To help in the effort to identify symptoms and contain the pandemic, German technology company Dermalog has developed a camera, which measures body temperature with outstanding accuracy and speed to make a significant contribution to the fight against pandemics.

    Dermalog GmbH is a German technology company that has been in the Philippines developing the Land Transportation Management System for the LTO. The word Dermalog comes from the words “derma” or skin and “log’ or to journal.

    The fever detection system of the biometrics company measures body temperature by scanning people’s faces using state-of-the-art sensor technology. The Dermalog fever detection camera can simultaneously check up to 5 people. If an increased temperature is detected, the system sets off an alarm or even denies access, for example, as part of an automated access control system.

    High accuracy, even from a distance of up to 2 meters, is another advantage of the camera. When using a handheld thermometer, the recommended safety distance cannot be maintained, which leads more quickly to infections. In contrast, Dermalog’s automatic fever detection camera does not require any additional operating personnel and, as a result, ensures extra safety.

    The company’s solution is already in use at border controls, airports, trade fairs and events. The system is also suitable for the protection of healthcare facilities such as hospitals and nursing homes. Access to factories, offices, shopping centers, hotels, schools and authority locations can also be secured with the Dermalog technology.

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