MindNation: Leading the future of mental health

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    MindNation was established in 2019 and is helping individuals and teams with mental health and well-being services using their holistic approach that is easy to access — anytime and anywhere. As an organization, they work tirelessly to break the stigma surrounding mental health to normalize conversations about mental health and encourage everyone to seek help.

    The Philippines is known for its warmth and resilience, but we are now facing a growing challenge with mental health. With the increasing pressures of modern life, the challenges of the pandemic, the stigma surrounding mental illness, and a lack of resources, Filipinos are struggling to prioritize their well-being. This is where MindNation steps in, offering easier access to mental health services in just a few clicks.


    Since its establishment, MindNation has helped hundreds of thousands of individuals worldwide through their comprehensive 24/7/365 online therapy sessions with psychologists and WellBeing Coaches, webinars, surveys, and more. “When mental health support is convenient and easily accessible, people are motivated to proactively take care of their mental health and make it a habit,” says MindNation chief impact officer Kana Takahashi.

    Being at the forefront of this mental health movement, MindNation has made every step easier and more accessible for those in need. Their app is a one-stop-shop for your mental health needs, like access to 24/7 video, voice, and text therapy. They also have Daily Mood Tracker and WellBeing Quiz© that you can take regularly to track emotions and understand your state of well-being. Clinically based and data-backed, the results come with recommended ways to attain better states of well-being.


    The app also had MindED, an on-demand learning program that could help you master mental health skills and develop good well-being practices, including audio/visual exercises, toolkits, and worksheets.

    One of the hurdles that the Mental Health space is trying to overcome is how to make Mental Health services more affordable. “Apart from stigma, high cost has always been one of the barriers to seeking mental health support,” explains Cat Trivino, MindNation’s chief product and data officer. “It is MindNation’s mission to create happier and healthier communities, and we can achieve this by relieving people of these barriers.”


    A session with a psychologist usually ranges from PHP3,000 – 5,000, but with MindNation, you can book as low as PHP2,300 for your initial session. There are also more affordable packages with 3, 5, and 6 sessions. On the other hand, initial sessions with WellBeing Coaches start at PHP800. These can all be paid online via bank transfer or GCash for the convenience of most Filipinos.

    Mind Nation’s mission is clear: to create a world where mental health is valued and accessible to all.

    To book a consultation with MindNation, simply message their 24/7 Care Helpline on Facebook Messenger or email [email protected].

    For more information, follow MindNation on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, as well as their website.

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