Subsidiary of healthcare construction company envisions safe and economical reopening for businesses

    Firstline Sanitation Solutions—a subsidiary of Thaison Builders & Developers Inc., a construction and maintenance company that specializes in providing healthcare-ready facilities for the past twenty years—envisions a safe and economical reopening for local businesses. 

    “During this particular Covid-19 crisis, the cost of complacency when it comes to infection mitigation and control extends beyond lost revenue- we also risk endangering lives and livelihoods of the people,” warns AFP infectious disease prevention and control consultant and IATF member Dr. Melissa Turao-Agoncillo.

    FSS is composed of and supported by a team of disease and safety experts united by a common agenda: to aid business resiliency and versatility amidst an epidemic-struck society by giving them a sense of security and peace of mind in the workplace. Employing hospital-grade materials and equipment, FSS is a pioneer in facility management services ensuring COVID-free workspaces. 

    “As we navigate the unchartered territory of the new normal, we must recognize that one missed decision can translate to the loss of life. We have to help local businesses get back on their feet and recover through the covid-19 crisis by making essential disease management solutions more affordable and accessible,” says FSS CEO Arthur Cantor.

    Utilizing a structured approach to derive custom services tailored for the particular requirements of each partner, FSS offers a custom set of service packages designed to ensure a smooth reopening for businesses. FSS services include facility disinfection using UV germicidal treatments, and FDA-approved solutions for fogging and misting. Yielding maximum value at cost effective rates, FSS firmly believes that one-time procedures cannot systematically address the constant risk of exposure in public establishments. 

    With the possibility of mandatory testing for workers under ECQ and GCQ, one of FSS services also includes affordable rapid testing with medical personnel assistance, ensuring adherence to standard protocols from the testing process up until proper waste disposal. Through its package-based facility management services, Firstline Sanitation Solutions democratizes disease management mechanisms for local businesses.

    With the intention of making disease management mechanisms more accessible, FSS has also made several donations of professional-grade disinfection formula and equipment to some LGUs within Metro Manila.

    “Our organization’s vision is to help jump start the PH economy by guiding local businesses through this crisis and assisting them to ensure a safe re-opening,” says Cantor. 

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