Beissbarth ensures proper headlights all the time

    Motorists caught in the ash fall of the recent Taal Volcano eruption had to deal with low visibility driving conditions, thus emphasizing the importance of headlights and other automotive lighting systems

    Beissbarth, the German motor vehicle testing expert, has introduced to the country the Levelled Test Bay for headlight accuracy measurements to make sure our headlights are in proper condition during times like this.

    The evaluation and adjustment of modern headlight systems requires precisely leveled testing areas. Beissbarth’s LTB 100 is a smart solution that ensure a leveled testing area in workshops and PTI test facilities.

    Workshop floors and Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (MVIC) facilities often feature a significant slope and unevenness. There are precise specifications and requirements needed in order to test the beam direction and brightness impendance of headlights which may not be achieved by uneven and less sensitive equipment. The LTB100 can be levelled with an accuracy of  ± 1 mm per 1-meter.

    According to manufacturer specifications, a levelled workplace for headlight adjustment and calibration of driver assistance systems is absolutely required. The Beissbarth solution guarantees a perfectly levelled workplace, meeting the OE specifications for a levelled testing area. 

    The modular and cost effective design of the LTB 100 Test Bay is suitable for subsequent installation onto the workshop floor or workshop pits. Compared to a 4-post-lift, the system is maintenance-free and requires only a fraction of the space. Vehicles with a maximum allowed axle load of 2.5 t can be tested. An adjustable height compensation of 0- 40 mm on 4m/6m system length is possible.

    The LTB 100 Test Bay is one of the equipments Beissbarth is using in their MVIS centers like Opus in Sta. Rosa, Laguna; Autoreach in BF Las Pinas; and BSB Junrose Autoparts in Sta Cruz, Manila.

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