PIAA introduces all-new LPX Sport Lamp Series

    MobilityCarsPIAA introduces all-new LPX Sport Lamp Series

    PIAA Philippines is proud to announce that the new PIAA LPX Sport Lamp Series has officially landed  in the country. The LPX Sport Lamps come with an intricately more rugged aesthetic and  brighter illumination to satisfy the outdoor lifestyle image of off-roading and overlanding  aficionados and is perfect for any outdoor adventure.  

    On top of its unique design, the PIAA LPX Sport Lamps are made to be tough and offer superior  lightning capabilities. The LPX 590 9-inch round lamps are fitted with a powerful set of 32 LED  bulbs, while the LPX 570 7-inch lamps come with 16 LED bulbs. Both sizes produce a color  output of 5,500-Kelvin and each have a built-in DRL rim, giving the driver flexibility, depending  on how much road lightning is required.  

    The LPX 570 7-inch lamp is also available in a 2,500-Kelvin Yellow driving beam. For added protection, the LPX lamps are fiRed with a removable stone guard grille.  

    As part of its safety requirements, the PIAA LPX Lamp Series come with a certification that  meets global ECE regulation standards.  

    For more information or to inquire on the new PIAA LPX Lamp Series, visit the official PIAA  Philippines official Facebook page ( and Instagram  (@piaa.ph_official).

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