The Hyundai HD36L muscles up

    New Normal times urge entrepreneurs to rethink or even shift businesses; and this calls for agile and flexible modes of delivery.  Whatever job you have in mind, count on the beefed-up Hyundai HD36L light duty truck to give you greater value in terms of safety, stability, efficiency and lower operating costs.

    Keep steady and carry on

    Already built with the finest grade steel and extra-rigid chassis, the HD36L is made stronger and more durable with its new ladder frame that features heavier gauge steel. The newly added stabilizer bar increases front-end rigidity and improves steering stability while the enhanced front suspension and shock absorber makes for uncompromised protection of vehicle and cargo. 

    Payload capacity also gets a boost with a longer shuttle rear body. Now 11.8 feet (3600 mm) long, the extended wheelbase and longer cargo bed can accommodate an 11-foot rear deck, which translates to a 9% or 220-kg increase in load capacity, giving it a 1.8- ton payload capacity. The ground clearance is lower at 165 mm, making loading and unloading much easier. In addition, the load-sensing proportioning valve helps adjust weight distribution, keeping the vehicle stable and secure while on the move. At the same time, its compact cab dimensions, narrower wheel tread, and impressively small 5.8 turning radius enable it to quickly make its way through “tight” road conditions. 

    Complementing the sturdy build is the new, more fuel-efficient A2.5 engine mated to a six-speed transmission that delivers 53% more torque than its predecessor and makes for a more effortless drive. The current lineup of Hyundai HD Series trucks have improved manual transmission for better gear shifting and power transmission.  Add to this a Euro 4 rating, and you have powerful vehicle that cuts down on fuel costs and harmful emissions.

    Peace of mind, on and off-road

    Furthering the HD36L’s safety profile are thoughtful additions that boost its looks and driver confidence, too.  The bigger windshield offers clearer lines of sight in all key directions to allow better navigation. 

    The cabin is secure and comfortable. Comfortable reclining seats made with urethane foam cushion adjust to the driver’s seating position for maximum comfort and minimize long-distance fatigue. The gauge cluster design is easy on the eyes and steering is almost effortless through a power-assisted tilt and telescopic system.  

    Finally, you get reduced downtime on routine maintenance because the HD36L’s 45-degree tilting cab makes maintenance work easier, giving you quicker access to the engine compartment. This thoughtful attention to detail likewise inhibits noise and heat generation, thus, protecting the vehicle from accelerated wear and tear.  

    All-around best business solution

    The HD36L admits numerous body applications, such as a drop side, passenger, and closed van. Its latest incarnation is one of the trio of pioneering Hyundai COVID-ready vehicles that currently ply the Metro streets as the Department of Transportation’s (DOTr) Libreng Sakay service vehicles for medical front liners. 

    Proudly designed to maximize capability and convenience, the Hyundai HD36L outdoes itself in providing today’s businesses’ #BetterJourneys.

    And Hyundai has made it easy for you: just visit to get more details on the Hyundai HD36L Light Duty Truck. 

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