Grab and MOVE IT conduct nationwide road safety training, engage thousands of drivers and riders

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    In line with the platforms’ steadfast commitment to road safety, Grab and MOVE IT partnered with CEMEX, MMDA, and the PNP for the ‘Drive Safe: Takbong Swabe, Safe Palagi!’ campaign for the Road Safety Month.

    Thousands of Grab and MOVE IT driver-, rider-, and delivery-partners participated in the ‘Drive Safe: Takbong Swabe, Safe Palagi!’ road safety training program in Metro Manila, Cebu, Davao, and Cagayan De Oro. The road safety training program focused on critical aspects of road safety, such as defensive driving, vehicle maintenance, and traffic rules and regulations.

    Another key highlight of the  ‘Drive Safe: Takbong Swabe, Safe Palagi!’ road safety training program is the official launch of two new safety features on the Grab and MOVE IT driver apps: the Fatigue Nudge and the Real-Time Overspeeding Alert. 

    Grab and Move It

    Fatigue Nudge: Understanding the potential hazards of fatigue to driver and passenger safety, Grab and MOVE IT will activate Fatigue Nudge, a smart driver fatigue management feature that monitors the driver-partners’ active online hours and ensures they take necessary breaks. The Feature reminds driver-partners to rest when they exceed the recommended online threshold. Fatigue Nudge will go live on the Grab and MOVE IT driver apps this June. 

    Real-Time Overspeeding Alert: This new feature aims to enhance road safety by encouraging driver adherence to speed limits. Leveraging the accuracy and precision of GrabMaps, this Overspeeding Alert displays the vehicle’s speed in relation to the road’s speed limit and turns the speed meter red upon exceeding it — urging the driver to change its pace. 

    Grab Philippines chief operating officer Ronald Roda shares, “Safety is a cornerstone of everything we do. To us, we view safety as a shared responsibility across all our stakeholders – be it passengers, regulators, drivers, and platforms. We are continuously innovating our safety and security measures, championing driver skills development, activating cutting-edge safety technology, and collaborating with like-minded partners, to shape a future for ride-hailing that is safe, secure, and responsible. Our commitment extends beyond simply transporting individuals; it encompasses a steadfast dedication to ensuring every journey is synonymous with safety.”

    Working together with Road Safety experts 

    Further enriching the workshops are the expertise and insights coming from Grab and MOVE IT’s leading partners in the campaign for road safety: CEMEX, the Philippine National Police, and various transportation authorities such as the Metro Manila Development Authority.  CEMEX conducted a workshop educating drivers and riders about maintaining safe distances when driving near large vehicles like trucks and buses. The course focused on the identification of blind spots through a blind spot simulation with huge trucks – ultimately promoting the protection of vulnerable motorists like two-wheel riders. 

    Meanwhile, transport authorities in various cities conducted educational refreshers on traffic rules and regulations, striving to elevate drivers’ and riders’ understanding of their responsibilities on the road. The goal is to ensure safety, efficiency, and fairness on roads and highways, creating a more informed and cautious driving community.

    Grab and Move It
    Thousands of Cebuano Grab and MOVE IT drivers and riders gathered at the Plaza Independencia to participate in a day-long workshop on road safety with the safety teams of the ride-hailing platforms, CEMEX, and the Cebu City Police.

    Deepening Partnership with the Philippine National Police

    Grab and MOVE IT also enhanced their partnership with the Philippine National Police, reinforcing their commitment to safety and security across their ride-hailing platforms. Through this strengthened collaboration with law enforcement, both Grab and MOVE IT are setting new standards for ensuring a trustworthy and secure transportation environment for every user. An integral part of this initiative is the availability of an Emergency SOS Button within the platforms’ Safety Center, accessible to passengers during their rides. This feature provides users a direct line to the authorities’ hotlines, enabling swift access to emergency assistance when needed. 

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