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2019 Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit: Modern and sustainable transport sector at the forefront

The 7th Philippine Electric Vehicle Summit (PEVS), with the theme “Electric Vehicles: Modernizing the Transportation Landscape, Driving Sustainable Growth,” was held July 17-18, 2019 at the SMX Convention Center, Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay City.

Highlights of the event included:

  • Current efforts on establishing a national regulatory framework for the use of electric vehicles and the establishment of charging stations
  • Presentation on E-Mobility Solutions by Nissan Motor Corporation Ltd. and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation
  • Plenary sessions on developing the Philippine EV industry, addressing the EV infrastructure challenge, and learnings from abroad on building a robust EV ecosystem for the country
  • Presentations on successful EV deployments in the country
  • An EV exhibition showcasing the latest trends in e-mobility solutions
  • Launching of the eVAP Academe Chapter
  • EV test drive sessions to provide delegates with the opportunity to have hands-on EV experience

Electric Vehicle Association of the Philippines (eVAP) president Edmund Araga noted, “We are highly encouraged by the support we are getting from major automotive manufacturers which is a very strong indication that our transportation sector is slowly but steadily transitioning to more modern, energy efficient, greener and sustainable mobility so that we can create cleaner and better cities for our children.”

”Accelerating our country’s transition to fossil free driving would require, more than ever, the help of our academic institutions in terms of research, innovation, industry linkage, trainings, among others. That’s why this year, we are launching the eVAP Academe Chapter to help close the knowledge gap that is holding back our countrymen from choosing electric vehicles and to help our local EV industry address the barriers to widespread adoption,” Araga added.

Another noteworthy development is the relaunching of eVAP’s E-Mobility Award to recognize organizations and individuals for their outstanding contribution to the realization of eVAP’s vision and mission through successful EV deployments, advocacy efforts, or through innovations that aim to simplify and increase the electrification process.

The PEVS brings together participants from industry key players across the value chain as well as policy makers, regulators, academe, transport companies, utilities, and end-users. Foreign delegates from over a dozen countries have seen their network grow by participating in this event.