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Caltex fuels world-breaking record

By Jewel Sta. Ana

Caltex recently partnered with National Geographic and Guinness World Records for their latest campaign. Through the reality series program Record Rides, the brand has documented its journey in achieving a record-breaking feat: the world’s fastest ascent to Doi Chang Mountain Road.

Philippines’ very own KC Montero and Jamaican-Chinese professional rally race car driver Natasha Chang attempted to conquer the rough 1,000-m terrain of Doi Chang mountain. Both drove a customized, 28-year-old Honda Civic powered by Caltex with Techron fuel. Apart from removing and protecting engines from unwanted deposits, Caltex with Techron features Clean & Glide Technology which maximizes engine economy and power.

Chang ended the race at six minutes and 52.692 seconds, setting a new world-breaking record.

“With the world record powered by Caltex with Techron, our campaign encourages drivers to fuel up the same fuel that set a world record and experience its power in their everyday drive,” said Brian Fisher, brand manager, Caltex.

The company also introduced Dingdong Dantes as their latest celebrity endorser. Apart from being an award-winning Filipino actor and film producer, Dingdong is also the founding chairman of the YesPinoy Foundation. He is a co-owner of a car dealership in Paranaque and a father to two kids with Marian Rivera.

“All the things I’ve achieved in my life so far, I made them happen with hard work and passion. There may be a lot of challenges I have to face on the road to make my dreams happen but I keep going because I want to be the best version of myself,” said Dingdong. “That’s why I’m happy to be chosen as Caltex’s newest brand ambassador. We share the same belief.”

Caltex continuously improves its products in preparation for future engine technology and to meet the ever-changing needs of motorists.