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Honda Riders Club Philippines holds “Honda Bike Festival 2015” at Eton Centris


Last month, Honda Riders Club Philippines (HRCP) initiated Honda Bike Festival 2015 in Eton Centris, Quezon City.

A much awaited event that gather big bikers and small bikers all over the country. The program aims to promote camaraderie among Honda motorcycle owners regardless of their bike’s sizes. The event is attended by more than 1,500 riders in Luzon alone. The program started as early as 2pm for registration. Motor show participants during the day arrived with their motorcycles. The motorcycles that were showcased undergone modification and completed with accessories. Entertainment was provided during the event in the form a band who performed before the formal program. The riders were given food and beverages for free. The alloted slots for parking is fully loaded with different motorcycles from Big Bikes, Scooters, Cub, Sports and Off-road Honda motorcycle models. In the evening, Ms. Honda Biker Babe contest was held representing each club and club chapters. Rider Clubs were given a plaque of appreciation as part of Honda Philippines gratitude to the participants. The event ended with an awarding ceremony and a raffle draw for two (2) brand new units of Honda Scoopy.

A memorable experience that they can never forget as a motorcycle enthusiast, the fun enjoyment and the camaraderie that they experienced. The first ever gathering initiated by Honda’s Loyal Customers. Honda Philippines give thanks by supporting their activity, by making them feel that they are also part of the Honda community. They are not only customers; they are also part of the Honda Family. One Brand, One Heart! Honda the Power of Dreams!