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Mazo and Corbe face off on Yamaha Blue Core Endurance Test

Viral motorcycle racing rivals Mickey Mazo and Romer Corbe took to the Carmona Racing Circuit in Cavite last March 19 for Yamaha’s Blue Core eight-hour endurance test.

The test showcased Yamaha’s Blue Core engine technology which provides more power with less fuel, as well as the competitors’ skill and willpower to last on the track.

The Mazo-led team consisted of Kyle Paz, Vistor Suba, Neil Jan Centeno and Bethany Tolentino, while Corbe’s team comprised of Masato Fernando, Miko Montano, Robert Ryan Espiritu, and Macdon Dave Sande.

The teams rode the Mio I 125, the Mio Soul I 125 and the Nmax, competing for the fastest lap, the most fuel efficient team, and the most number of laps.

At the end of the grueling eight hours, Team Corbe were the main victors winning the most number of laps with 1,485 with Corbe beating Mazo for the most number of individual laps. The team’s Kyle Paz achieved the fastest lap, completing a circuit in just 53.312 seconds. Team Mazo received consolation, however, when they were awarded the most fuel efficient team by completing 1,380 laps on just 54.22 liters.