Yamaha Day 2022 in the Philippines

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    The commemoration of Yamaha Day 2022 is extra special because it also marks the company’s 15th anniversary. The celebration lasted a week and included special activities and events for everyone associated with the brand. This year’s theme is Ties That Bind, highlighting the unprecedented link between the company and the lives it has touched since the beginning. By being ingrained within the Filipino culture, this celebration extends to every customer, enthusiast, and aspiring rider with a passion for motorcycles.

    From July 18-20, in-office activities were held for employees to strengthen their bonds and showcase their passion. The offices were also decorated, with entertainment and prepared meals for everyone to enjoy.

    On July 20th, the company unveiled the History Board at their Batangas headquarters. This illustrated the legacy of Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd., which began in 1887, to the establishment of Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. in 1955, all the way to today. The board also depicted Yamaha Motor Philippines’ beginnings and the events that shaped the company. And these memories are made special because they were shared with the Filipino people and their enthusiasm for riding.

    On July 21st, YMPH treated all of its employees to a fun-filled day at Aqua Planet in Pampanga. The trip to the water park provided a welcome break from the daily grind of work and allowed everyone to unwind. The morning program focused on the theme Ties That Bind, with Yamaha executives all holding ropes connected to an installation that revealed a kite-themed emblem of the Yamaha Day 2022 logo. This represented the bond that everyone has with the brand. Yamaha Club riders from Luzon and media guests were present to witness the event.  Yamaha Club members from Visayas and Mindanao also commemorated the event with their own rides across their regions. Employees were entertained in the evening by DJ Arra, Juan Karlos, Morissette, and Kamikazee. To cap off the evening, 15 lucky raffle winners received Yamaha motorcycles.

    They traveled to the Kingsborough International Convention Center on July 22nd to conclude the celebration. During the program, more raffle winners were announced, as well as the winners of an online competition that valued their expression and passion for Yamaha. Finally, one lucky employee won the grand prize in the raffle, a brand-new Yamaha Mio Fazzio. The most important aspect, as presented by Yamaha executives, is the strengthening of brand importance and understanding. It was also the official debut of ‘Revs Crush,’ a signature hand motion in which you form a half heart and pump it. This gesture is part of Yamaha’s digital campaign for the public where they can join in on the fun.

    The week-long celebration was the first since the 2020 lockdown, and it was a welcome opportunity for all Yamaha employees to reunite. It is clear that the bonds that bind remain strong and will only become stronger in the years to come. This is also a promise to all Yamaha enthusiasts that the company will continue to cultivate its relationships through its products, service, and activities.

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