Team Total Promotes Girl Power in a Race for Excellence

    Doubling the fun in the Superbikes Cup, champion racer, Jacquelyn Buncio is now joined by sister Maria Lourdes, making for an even more exciting Superbikes Cul 2018.

    All in the family
    The interest in motorbikes and racing definitely runs in the Buncio family as the Buncio patriarch, Gregorio “Yoyong”
    Buncio has always been into the sport. The girls’ late brother, Maico Buncio was also a champion racer before his career was cut short. In spite of what happened, the Buncio sisters have chosen to make use of Maico’s legacy as a source of strength to continue on what he started – but on their own terms. Jacq, the youngest, has always been known for her vivacious spirit, and admits that she really had to plead with her parents to let her race. Des, who eventually followed Jacq’s lead, is the older sister, and has always been into racing but only started competing professionally recently.

    The decision to race and follow in their brother’s footsteps was tough on their parents, especially their mother. But after much prodding, their parents eventually gave in but not without much supervision from their father, Yoyong, to ensure their safety in practice and in races.

    Championing gender norms

    While racing has always been seen as a guy’s sport, the Buncio sisters doesn’t see that as a reason for them to not do what they love.
    Lots of practice and a determination to succeed has put them to a level at par with other celebrated racers. As such, TOTAL has also given them their support by welcoming them in Team TOTAL.

    Since 2017, through its top-of-the-line motorcycle engine oil HI-PERF, Total has been Jacq’s partner and sponsor, the 2017 overall Superbikes Cup champion in the Heavyweight A category.  After a stellar year with Jacq, TOTAL has also decided to sponsor Des, who was was the 2017 overall Superbikes Cup champion for the Lightweight A Category. The talented sisters has been leading the way in inspiring others that there’s no limit to what people can do, regardless of gender, as long as they’re determined.

    As a global leader, Team TOTAL aims to successfully fulfill the company’s long-standing commitment to its international motorsports heritage; and its commitment to empowering women in motorsports. Make sure to keep your eyes on what Team TOTAL has in is gearing up for next.

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