Three Filipinos keep the dream alive at Subaru Palm Challenge

    The Subaru Palm challenge has taken a heavy toll on team Philippines, and as of this writing, only three of the original ten competitors remain. Almost three days into the fight, Reggie Puruganan, Filmark Bernante, and Juntie Torres are still standing. Bad draws when it came to positioning and foul weather took Carlo Talahib, Mark Guballa, Rey Balintucas, and Alec Ebuen out at the tail end of day two. Before dawn, Angel Grospe, Daniel Sabas, and Karl Joseph Sarenas bowed out.

    Apart from the grueling physical and mental toll that the contest takes on the contestants, the Singapore weather has been unrelenting, throwing both rain and the pounding sun throughout the run. Help our countrymen out by heading over to, paying the game, and voting for a break for 034-Reggie Purugganan, 030 – Filmark Bernante, and 005 – Juntie Torres. They need all the help they can get to take home glory, and a brand-new Subaru Impreza 2.0i S.

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