Agoda: More Europeans searching for travel to Asia this summer

    MobilityTravelAgoda: More Europeans searching for travel to Asia this summer

    As Europe’s summer approaches, travel insights from digital travel platform Agoda reveal that Asia is a top choice for European globetrotters. Destinations in Asia not only rank among the most popular outside Europe, but their popularity is increasing compared to last year, with Agoda noting 52% more accommodation searches by Europeans for travel to Asia.

    According to Agoda’s data, the top destinations in Asia for European travelers are Thailand, Indonesia, and Japan, respectively, followed by Malaysia and the Philippines.  This reflects the wide appeal of Asian destinations to travelers with a variety of interests. Whether seeking the vibrant street life and historic sites in Bangkok or riding the rolling waves on the surf-friendly coasts of Bali, European tourists are looking to explore what Asia has to offer. The European markets with the most searches for travel to Asia are the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain, and the Netherlands.

    Top Searched Destinations in AsiaTop Inbound Travelers
    ThailandUnited Kingdom
    travel to Asia

    The Philippines ranks as the fifth most popular destination for Europeans searching for travel to Asia. Accommodations in the Philippines are most searched for by travelers from the United Kingdom, followed by holiday-goers from Germany, Norway, Spain, and Italy. 

    Mike Hwang, country director for the Philippines at Agoda shared, “The increase in searches compared to last year indicates Asia’s growing popularity as a holiday destination among Europeans. The effects of this trend are visible in Southeast Asia especially, but it will come as no surprise that ever-popular Japan also made it into the top ranks. It’s great to see more and more Europeans exploring these amazing Asian destinations during their getaway periods.”

    Manila, Boracay, and Cebu are the most searched locales in the Philippines by Europeans. These destinations offer a mix of leisure, adventure, and cultural experiences, appealing to travelers seeking to make the most of their long-distance summer holiday.

    Travelers continue to plan and prepare for their next adventure. Agoda is committed to helping them see the world for less with great value deals on over four million holiday properties worldwide, plus flights and activities. 

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