Yamaha Philippines Goes Toe-to-Toe with the Best Technicians in the World

    The World Technician Grand Prix (WTGP), a competition for determining the world’s number one Yamaha motorcycle technician has recently concluded. A bi-annual meet created to instill Yamaha’s excellency in customer service, the contest aims to enhance the global competitiveness and skills of the company’s technicians.

    To qualify for the contest, each technician must pass the Yamaha Technical Academy (YTA) training program, which is based on a uniform set of Yamaha’s unique worldwide standards.  Representing Philippines is Allan Rey Silverio, who battled against hundreds of technicians nationwide.  He emerged victorious and was named as the most elite technician of the Technician Grand Prix, earning him a spot in the World Championships along with 20 of the top mechanics from 18 countries and regions.

    Held in Japan, the championship round for the World Technician Grand Prix was composed of two main events–the Technical Skills and  Customer Relations. Participants were tasked to fix two classification of motorcycles, the Sports and the Commuter models, which fit the sales profile of various countries joining the contest. For Allan Rey Silverio, his task was to repair a damaged YZF-R3.

    The competition tested each repairman’s speed, accuracy of judgment, and maintenance skills. First, they must repair the faulty engine, and then check each component and part in accordance with the periodic maintenance list. Using Yamaha Diagnostic Tool (YDT), a fault diagnosis tool that allows you to find faults quickly and accurately by connecting to a computer, they were able to point out the reasons why the motorcycle failed and fix the assigned motorcycle in 80 minutes.

    Technicians were also judged on how well they communicate the problem, solution, service, and products available for the customers in the second leg of the competition . The Customer Relations part is a 30-minute simulation test which places the mechanic in a shop situation with a stand-in customer. Contestants are judged through their attitude, knowledge, and practical know-how to Yamaha’s services. Even the little gestures, explanation, and insights, may push the contestant an extra mile in winning the title.

    For the Philippines’ Allan Rey Silverio, being among the best technicians in the world is quite a feat. He might not brought home the main title, but he surely learned a lot of from the competition that he could use and share to his colleagues. Each contestants were also able to tour around the city of Osaka with their fellow elite mechanics.

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