Yamaha Rev of a Decade Captivates Cebu

    Mobility Yamaha Rev of a Decade Captivates Cebu

    To celebrate a decade of revving a nation, Yamaha held a string of events in Cebu to commemorate ten years of sharing world-class products with the Philippines.

    The Yamaha Club set off their biggest ever touring ride across the archipelago which consisted of 1,000 riders. It included riding to different ports to make it to Visayas where they joined fellow riders from the region, together making their way to Cebu.

    In Cebu, Yamaha held the second leg of the Yamaha Grand Prix 8, the premiere venue for Filipino Motorcycle racers to hone their skills and reach the next level of their riding abilities. On racing day, attendees were treated to a display of the Mio Aerox 155, Yamaha’s latest AT product featuring the iconic Blue Core engine. Its arrival was accompanied by Yamaha’s newest ambassador Matteo Guidicelli.

    The event was also the culmination of the Be More With Blue Core Challenge which pitted rivals Mickey Mazo and Romer Corbe, fresh from their eight-hour endurance race in Carmona Racing Circuit. The race let the riders use the Mio Aerox 155 on the track, and was won by Corbe.


    After the race, the 1000 Yamaha Club Riders rode from Cebu City to Danasan Eco Park to celebrate their historic feat. The celebration included a raffle and a bike customization contest. The riders camped out under the stars and enjoyed performances from Bangs Garcia, the Disco Remix Dancers, DJ Veronica Chiongbian, and Cebu’s very own DJ Inan. 

    All in one day, Yamaha has conquered an inter-island trip to Cebu, raising the level of raising talent in the Yamaha Grand Prix, showcasing a brand new product, empowering through a state-of-the-art engine, culminating a rivalry, and igniting riding passion. Building on the last 10 years, Yamaha continues to develop an outstanding relationship with the Filipino community and will exhilarate lives for many years to come. 

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