3DeeScreen turns your regular notebook to a glasses free, 3D notebook

    While there have been 3D notebooks in the past, they weren’t exactly flying off the shelves. They were big, bulky and expensive, and a fair number of them required you to wear dorky looking active shutter 3D glasses for  them to work. But what if we said there was a way for you to get that 3D effect on your plain ol’ notebook without the need for bulky glasses?

    That’s what company Spatial View was aiming for when they made their 3DeeScreen 3D filter. It’s basically a lenticular screen filter that snaps on to the lid of your notebook that allows it to display glasses-free, auto-stereo 3D. Spatial View says that the device has a built-in eye-tracking system that automatically adjusts the 3D image depending on the position of your eyes which translates into more realistic 3D images on the screen. The screen is about $129.99 bucks before shipping, which means it won’t really make that much of a dent on your wallet if you decide to get one.

    Source: Spatial View

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