Improved WeatherPhilippines Mobile App Now Ready for Download

    Private weather information provider WeatherPhilippines Foundation, Inc. is stepping up its commitment to build a #WeatherWiser nation through its vastly retooled mobile application (app).

    First launched in 2015, the mobile app has already served thousands of Apple and Android users through its free, accurate, and localized weather forecasts.

    With the new app version, users can expect the following new features:

      1. Improved forecasting accuracy. The new app now uses a multi-model approach versus the old single data source-model (America Model Forecast/Global Forecast System), reducing variances in forecasts among different weather models for increased accuracy.
      2. New weather parameter added. With the “rain probability” weather parameter, the new app promotes better decision-making by showing the chances of rain during a specific time frame of the day.
      3. More detailed forecasting. To suit users’ planning needs, the new app now forecasts by the hour, versus the old three-hour forecasts.
      4. Better location tagging. An update to the app now allows users to search for their location of choice such as their home, office, or school, versus just searching for specific automated weather stations (AWS). The app will automatically determine the nearest AWS to the location of interest and reflect that weather observation and forecast.


    • More user-friendly design. Aside from new technical features, the WeatherPhilippines mobile app also got an aesthetic makeover, giving the mobile app a fresher look.


    “We are pleased to offer the new WeatherPhilippines mobile app for our digital users this 2018. We hope our users will be able to fully utilize its great new features and by doing so adopt a #WeatherWiser mindset this new year,” said Dave V. Valeriano, WeatherPhilippines General Manager.

    The new WeatherPhilippines mobile app is available for download for free via the WeatherPhilippines website ( or via the Apple Store for iOS users or Google Play for Android users.

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